Software Engineering Consultancy

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buy canadian Phenytoin My name is Dr James Kelly, and this is my company IJK Technology Ltd. I enjoy working on challenging software engineering projects that allow me to use my problem solving skills to come up with original solutions.

If you would like to work with me to build your MVP, or to update some existing software, please buy cat Prozac get in touch.

Skills and Interests

vermox tabletas 500mg IJK Technology was setup to manage the portfolio of projects that I have built up over the years, and as a way to formalise my software engineering consultancy work.

The projects I have worked on range from mobile apps, to deep-learning based sports predictions, embedded Linux projects and web development.

Mobile Apps

I have developed a portfolio of apps spanning iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS. The apps have been built using a variety of technologies.

There are apps build with native SDKs such as Bird Hunter that was built using Objective-C, and Quiet Classroom that was built using Java.

I have also built apps using a cross-platform tool called Cordova. Using this tool makes it feasible to build a large portfolio of apps and reduces development time and cost.

Data Science and Machine Learning

I have a degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Astrophysics, so I enjoy working with data and implementing machine learning algorithms.

IJK Technology currently manages is a deep-learning project that uses data from 50,000 historical football matches to make predictions about future matches. So far the algorithm would have yielded a significant profit had you followed its tips.

The performance of the tips this year

I also compete in machine learning challenges through Kaggle and trading algorithm contests Quantopian

Trading algorithm performance

I have also been employed as lead software engineer for a navigation and surveying company. This involved extensive data analysis on large datasets.

Computer Vision is another interest of mine, I have designed and built a computer vision based navigation system using the openCV library as the lead engineer on a government funded project.

Embedded Linux

I have worked on an embedded Linux mobile router that has served WiFi to over 90 million people. Using Buildroot makefiles I have compiled minimal Linux operating systems to run on various architectures.

I have also developed embedded systems to run navigation systems on vehicles ranging from fork lift trucks to cars.

Web Development

I enjoy working on web projects and I have built a number of websites, primarily using the Python Flask framework.

I am also familiar with Google Firebase, NodeJS, and Java EE technologies such as Jersey for building web services.