This page contains links to the portfolio of work I’ve done that’s available online in one format or another.

Of course there are things that I’ve worked on that I can’t make publicly available due to confidentiality, so my portfolio is not an exhaustive representation of my skills.

If you would like to know more about my experience with a particular technology the best thing to do is where can i buy inderal online get in touch.


I maintain a GitHub page with code samples that showcase the variety of different languages and frameworks I’m familiar with.

I also use GitHub to host open-source projects I am developing in my free time.

App Store

Here are some of my apps available in the various app stores:

Live Web Projects

PlayerRank is a Facebook game I made that lets users arbitrarily compare soccer players. I wrote PlayerRank entirely in JavaScript, using Google Firebase to store data and host the code. Choosing Firebase has proven a wise decision, at time of writing there have been over 172,000 votes cast, whilst shortly after the apps release there were 2000 regular players.

intelli.bet is the sign-up website to receive deep-learning generated tips for soccer matches.